22 April 2011

Your Beliefs

What do you believe?  Not, "What do you believe in," but simply, what do you believe?  If you ask yourself this question regularly, I think that you'll start to discover many of the outdated and outmoded thoughts and feelings that have been holding you back, simply because you've decided to hold on to beliefs that no longer serve you and that perhaps never served you well in the first place.
I used to believe that life was a form of competition, and that I wasn't really good at that type of thing.  That belief led me to stop trying to reach my dreams before I ever gave myself a chance to succeed.  Now I believe that life is about cooperation rather than competition, and I find that my life is much richer and much more satisfying because of my shift in beliefs.  I know, though, that even my current belief one day will flow away on the river of life, leaving me with another belief or three in its place--or perhaps even with the ultimate freedom of no beliefs that may hold me in one place in my life.

I know women who stay with abusive men because they believe that they're in love, or they believe that they can change their men, or they believe that they've done some wrong somewhere and deserve that awful treatment they receive.

I know other women who leave abusive men because they believe that they deserve better, and they believe that their men have no right to do to them the things they do.

I know men who stay in debt seemingly forever because they believe that they don't deserve wealth, that raises and promotions are for other people.  Or they believe that taking a risk is the worst thing that they could do; they prefer instead to believe that the status quo, while unpleasant, at least is safe.

I believe that we're here to lead full and happy and healthy lives, and I believe that I'm just as deserving of that very thing as anyone else is.

What do you believe?

Your beliefs are your reality.  If you don't like
the reality you see, change your beliefs!

Stephen C. Paul

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