30 September 2011

Gift of the Sky

Sometimes it's easy to forget just what a gift we have in the sky that is above us every day.  It's one of the most beautiful things that we have the privilege to experience, and each day it shows us a new side of itself, a new way of being, a completely new artistic achievement that far outshines anything that any human beings can create.

In some places the sky is much more expressive than in others, with amazing displays of clouds and sunsets that can make a person stop in breathless wonder just to stare at the amazing sight that the sky presents.  Sometimes it seems that the sky is boring when it's covered by a thick layer of clouds or when it has no clouds at all and simply shows us its marvelous shades of blue.  But the sky is never boring, especially when we consider its breadth and depth, its moods and emotions, its personality and its passion.

We shouldn't take such a thing for granted.  Gazing at the sky with an appreciation for the gift of its beauty allows us to keep in mind just what a remarkable world this is that we live in, just what an incredible gift we all have in all that is here for us to see and do and feel.

And the sky does all that it does just because.  It never shows a marvelous sunset in order to garner praise, nor does it send us a refreshing rainstorm with the idea of getting something in return.  There's something for us to take from that, something that we should learn from.  We all can shine and we all can allow our beauty to be on display for the whole world to see all the time, even when our beauty is seeing its darker days, even when we get no feedback or return at all on that beauty.  We can shine as the amazingly creative and incredible beings that we are, all the time, and when we do so we should be just like the sky--not looking for any return on our efforts or on the gifts we give to others.  The gift of the sky is a marvelous gift, and the gift of you that you give to the world can be an even more amazing gift, for you are an absolutely amazing being.

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