30 April 2012

What Am I Attracting?

As I grow older, I also grow more and more aware of many things.  One of the most important things about which I've raised my awareness is our ability to attract to ourselves different things, people, and occurrences based on how we're feeling, what we're thinking, and how we're acting.  For most of my life so far, I believed that my feelings were a result of what was going on in my life and that I didn't really have any control over them.  Now I realize, though, that things that I've done and said often have been the result of my feelings, and that those things have attracted results that have perpetuated--or made worse--those same feelings.

When I've been feeling down, for example, I've been acting down.  When something positive would come along, I wouldn't trust it--I would treat it as if it couldn't be real, or as if it couldn't last, and guess what?  I perpetuated my own negative condition by allowing and even exacerbating my own negative thoughts and feelings.  And then I'd blame it all on the unfairness of the world!  It was actually pretty unfair of me to blame the world that way.

On the other hand, when I feel positive, and when I nurture my positive feelings by reading uplifting and inspiring material, I find that many more positive things come my way.  It is a law that like attracts like, and my positive attitude attracts things and people and events that help me to perpetuate that positive attitude.  It's a pretty nice law, when all is said and done, as long as we take advantage of it and help it to be a positive force in our lives.

I would never say that everything bad that happens to another person is always his or her "fault."  But I have had enough experience in watching other people live their lives that I now understand that people who often act and feel negative simply attract more into their life that help them to make that feeling grow stronger.  I've also seen that the people who focus on the positive and the possible tend to find more possibilities and more positive things in life than others.  It's a fascinating law, and one that we can take advantage of to make our lives brighter, or one that we can ignore or even use to make our lives duller.  A law is a law, and what we do with our lives is what we do with our lives.

We don't attract what we want;
we attract what we are.

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