16 October 2012

Today--A Collection of Moments

It's a new day today, isn't it?  Ahead of us stretch out many, many moments, all of which will provide us with opportunities to do positive, helpful things--all of which provide us with the chance to contribute to the positive side of this world.  It doesn't take much--a kind word here, a bit of encouragement there, picking up a piece of litter, helping that person in line at the supermarker with fifty cents when they come up short.  There are tons of things that we can do today to make the day brighter and more fulfilling, but we do have to decide to do something with all those moments.

Of course, we're not required to do anything positive at all.  We're not required to contribute to the positive in this world if we don't want to.  If we're feeling cranky or down or betrayed, it may be easier to simply do nothing, or even to contribute to the negative energy of the world by calling names, insulting, feeling anger and resentment, or simply sulking.

But isn't there enough negative energy in the world?  Aren't enough moments defined by negativity?  Do we really need to throw more of that out there?

Personally, I hope that I'm aware of each moment as it comes, and that I keep my heart and eyes and mind open to ways that I can contribute in positive ways to this day.  The fact is that the world can use more and more positive energy to balance out all the negative that's out there, and when I picture a scale holding both kinds of energy, I also see myself contributing to the positive side of the scale.  After all, when we have so many moments to work with, we sure can throw a lot of good out there, can't we?

We only need to decide to do so, and then act on that decision.  Over and over, moment after moment.  All the small contributions most certainly will add up!

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