25 February 2013

Negative Attitudes

A negative attitude is the result of many factors, but it's not an uncontrollable result. You do have a say in how your attitude is. Carry around a negative attitude and people will not want to be around you and may avoid you, thus adding to that never-ending circle. But show the world a positive attitude--even if that's not how you're feeling inside--and you'll start to see more positive things happening in your life, and soon that will be how you feel inside. Life's too short and beautiful to look at darkly and hopelessly, so do your best to see it brightly, and share that brightness with others, and you'll see how much of a change you'll go through. Nobody wants to see you be negative, but they also don't want to be dragged down, so they'll avoid you rather than help you. Please, be someone who lifts others up, not someone who drags others down.

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