21 March 2015

Today's potential

It's 5:05 in the morning.  I'm always up very early in the morning--I don't set an alarm, but I just wake up anyway.  I love the early mornings because they're so peaceful and quiet, and the world is full of possibility and potential.  A whole new day stretches before me, and I have a lot to look forward to.  When my wife gets up, for example, we'll make a pot of coffee to share.  Soon, the sun will come up and warm the planet--me included.  Today I get to talk with some very nice people, I get to go for a run, I get to have a nice lunch, and sometime during the day I'll get to take a nap.

Each day brings with it many, many gifts.  Every day is full of potentially beautiful moments, if we just recognize them as such.  Very often, though, we get disappointed in the day because it hasn't brought us what we wanted it to bring, or what we hoped it would bring.  If we wanted the day to bring a phone call from a certain person but that call doesn't come, then we spend the day ignoring beautiful moments because we're waiting for a call instead of appreciating the beauty of those moments.  At the end of the day, we say that we're disappointed in the day because the call didn't come; what's really true, though, is that we're disappointed in ourselves for having spent a day without having taken advantage of all the gifts that it brought to us because we had decided that the most important thing for us was a call.

The call, of course, is just an example of one way in which we can ruin our day--by focusing on our expectations rather than on what's really here.  We can't enter a day thinking only about what we want the day to bring--we must also be open to receiving the unexpected and the new and different.  I've had days when I've expected one thing but had something else come up, and those days have been just as fulfilling--often even more so--than they would have been had my expectations been met.

Today is here.  Love it.  Let it be what it's meant to be.  Don't try to force it to be what you want it to be.  And don't be disappointed if it doesn't bring you what you want it to or what you think it should.  It's not the day's job to make you happy, but it certainly brings you enough potential for happiness to make you very happy, if you'll only keep your mind and your heart open to recognize it for what it is.


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