08 April 2016

What I Would Tell You

Chances are that I've never met you.  That's okay.  We're both human beings, so I'm familiar with a lot about you--how your body works (except for gender differences, of course, or illnesses we haven't shared), the fact that you have hopes and dreams and fears, the fact that some people are good to you and some people aren't, etc. We have a lot in common.  Of course, not all of our experiences are shared, and there are probably more differences between us than similarities, especially if we start talking about thoughts and emotions. But the basic core fact is still the same--we're both human beings.

As a human being, I'm familiar with many things that make me feel very good. One of those things is to hear certain words from other people. Perhaps they like me. Perhaps they're grateful for something that I've done, or they want to compliment me for something. Maybe they simply say hello like they mean it. In any case, other people's words can be very important. And if I could meet you today, there are some things that I would like to tell you, not just in the hopes of making you feel better, but because I mean them and I want you to hear them.

I would tell you that you're a beautiful person. And that beauty isn't dependent on physical appearance--you're beautiful because you're a spirit going through a human experience and learning about this life and this world.  Your beauty is a simple fact, and I would tell you that.

I would tell you that I appreciate all of the positive things that you do, all of the compliments that you give, all of the encouragement that you share.  Our world definitely and desperately needs more positive influences, and every little bit that you contribute helps the world, even if in the smallest of ways on the smallest of scales.  One snowflake weighs next to nothing, but have you ever seen an avalanche?

I would tell you to hang in there and have hope, no matter how dark things may seem.  Life has a way of challenging us, and sometimes the challenges last longer than we think we can bear and become more difficult than we think we can handle.  But life also has a way of coming around again to the good times, to the easier situations and the pleasant experiences.  Life goes through cycles, and the happy days will come again.

I would also tell you to keep your eyes open and notice things consciously. Don't wait for things to catch your eye before you pay close attention to them--look at them now, appreciate them now, love them now.  Look at your brother or sister or mother or father or best friend or even worst enemy and love them now, even if you don't necessarily express that love because the other person may not be receptive to it.

I would tell you don't wait a single moment more to spread encouragement and compliments and love and even peace and joy.  Not everyone will be ready for it, but these things will always have a positive effect, even if you can't see that effect.  You may plant seeds and never, ever see the resulting plant or fruit or flower, but that's okay, as long as you let go of your need to see results of your actions.

I would tell you to let go of your need to see the results of your actions.  If we're impatient about wanting to see results of all we do or say, life can become a frustrating experience indeed.  Do good in life, and then let it go.  Move on to the next good thing you want to do, and then on to the next.  Sometimes you will know about positive results, but probably more often than not, you won't. That's okay.  That's life.

There is more that I want to tell you, and I will, but I think this is a good start. I'll now pass these words on to you. . . .

Thank you for being here to hear them.

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