03 January 2011

A Really Good Day

Did you realize that today's a really good day to reward yourself?  It doesn't have to be in a big, extravagant way--it can be something pretty simple, like a long, hot bubble bath or a big thick milkshake.  But when you do take that bath or drink that shake, remember that it is a reward for the things that you do, for the ways that you help other people, for the ways that you go above and beyond your duty to excel in what you do.  Today's a great day to reward yourself for something specific, or for very general reasons.

Did you also know that today's a very good day to encourage someone else?  Someone somewhere in your life could use a little encouragement today--sincere encouragement--and you could be the one to give it to them.  That encouragement could spread like floodwaters cresting a riverbank into the lives of other people as the recipient of your encouragement passes it on, and you'll never know the broader benefits of your one act of kindness.

I think that today's also a very good day to get some quiet time for reflection.  Ten minutes or two hours, it doesn't really matter.  Giving yourself the time to focus on yourself, and to focus on nothing at the same time, can be the best thing that you do for yourself.  If you can just relax completely and make the time to clear your mind of all the stuff running around in there, you may be astonished at the results.

Today's a great day for lots of things.  You can work a little bit more or work a little bit less, you can bake those cookies you've been putting off, you can buy that little book that you know your best friend would love. . . . anything you want to brighten this day and make this world a much nicer place.  It's a great day for all that!

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