10 January 2011

Spirit to Spirit

When was the last time that you spoke to someone spirit to spirit?  We're constantly talking to each other "man to man" or "woman to woman" or "father to son," but what about our immortal spirits?  Our spirits are the very essence of who and what we are, yet we seem to be unable or unwilling to communicate with other human beings--who are fellow spirits here on this planet experiencing life as humans--on what would seem to be the most basic and most desirable of levels.

Perhaps it's because we speak so much of problems, while our spirits must be unmoved by some of the petty problems that we let bother us.  Perhaps it's because we fear that maybe someone else's spirit is "better" than our own.  Maybe we're just afraid to admit that we are spirits, for then we would have a much higher level of expectations for ourselves.  No matter what the reason or reasons, though, it's quite a shame that we avoid communication on the very level on which we would communicate with God.

You are a spirit.  It's not that you "have" a spirit, it's that you are a spirit.  I am a spirit.  And if I were to reach out to you from the very depth of my being, that depth would be my spirit.  How would you respond if I were able to do so?

Life is a beautiful, magical experience.  Any time it seems less than that, it's usually because of the filters that we have in place to try to keep ourselves safe with all that we "know" to be true.  We've lost touch with our own spirits, so how can we possibly share them with others?  But you as a spirit are a beautiful magical being, as am I, and someday I hope that you and I can sit down and share our thoughts and feelings, spirit to spirit.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
Teilhard de Chardin

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