10 March 2011

Because We Never Know. . . .

Why should I try hard today, when none of my efforts so far have produced the results I’ve sought?

Because I never know what tomorrow will bring, and whether my latest effort will be my most effective.  Perhaps my efforts so far have been in vain because I’ve been looking in the wrong directions for outcomes, but my latest efforts will be in the right direction.

Why should I continue to pray when I don’t see results to my prayers?

Because I never know when is the right time for my prayers to be answered–they’ll be answered in God’s best time, not my desired time.

Why should I keep searching for answers when I haven’t found the ones I want yet?

Because I never know when the next rock I turn over, the next hole that I dig, or the next door that I open may reveal the answers I’ve been searching for for so long.

Why should I keep being nice to people when they so often treat me poorly?

Because I never know when I’ll meet the person I fall in love with, or the one who becomes a best friend or a mentor, or the one who may have some very important answers for me.

The fact is, you never know when something’s going to happen.  You never know when your efforts will be rewarded.  And because we never know these things, we need to keep living from our hearts, not allowing frustration to get the best of us, so that we can continue to live authentically and happily.  There are many things that I would have loved to have happened by now, but they haven’t.  But I don’t give up on them, for I never know when all of my efforts (or all of my letting go) finally will have the effect they’re supposed to have and open doors for me that beforehand were closed.  If I give up now, after all, I’ll never know what I missed. . . .

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