18 January 2012

Asking for Directions

It’s an overused stereotype that guys don’t like to ask for directions.  We’ve all seen it in sitcoms, variety shows, movies, plays–any type of entertainment that’s looking for a cheap laugh with an overused cliche will eventually turn to the guy not wanting to ask for directions.  It’s a stereotype that I can relate to, but not because I don’t want to ask for directions–my problem is actually forgetting to ask for directions, or even neglecting to do so until I’m underway and it’s too late.

Asking for directions is actually a pretty positive thing to do.  If you ask for directions, that means that you’re fulfilling one of your own needs.  In doing so, you’re also allowing someone else to help you, and how many people want to be there to help their fellow people with their needs?  I know that I enjoy giving directions when I know the way somewhere–it makes me feel good to help someone else out with something that’s pretty simple for me.

My problem, again, is that I forget to ask for directions.  This applies even to everyday life, when I’m faced with decisions that are difficult to make.  I forget to ask for advice, from either someone who’s been there before or from someone who’s experienced something similar or even from God, as I perceive God–and my relationship with God–to be in my life.  There are plenty of sources of directions out there, but directions are one of those things that you almost never get at all if you don’t bother to ask for them.

I want to get better at asking for directions.  I want to give more people the chance to help me, and I want to allow myself to be helped more often.  Doing this will help me a lot to learn things without having to go through the long process of exploration and discovery.  This latter can be a great process to go through, of course, but it isn’t always helpful or appropriate.  Directions are a major part of life, and the better we get at asking for them, the closer we’ll get to other people and the more integral a part we’ll play in more people’s lives–and we’ll accomplish that by asking for and getting help on our own journeys!

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