25 May 2012

Life's Journey

Over the years I have learned that life is a voyage of discovery and not a safe harbor.  It is on the voyage that we learn how to steer our own lives and with them the life of the nation we love.  We learn to coexist with our fears, to surmount the obstacles before us.  We find ways to defy danger, even as we reach deep within ourselves for solutions to the challenges of the age.

Katherine D. Ortega

* * *

To take a life, your life, and steer it in the direction you would like, toward the career you want and the fulfillment of your dreams, is the journey--the only real journey.  No matter how rich or successful you think you are, unless you harness your dreams and continue to grow and develop, a boring, sedentary life will set in.  Similarly, those who think they are at the bottom of the barrel, who feel apathetic and numb or think their lives have no chance--they, too, can turn it around and change.  Whether you feel you're unsuccessful, at the bottom of the barrel, or somewhere in between, it's time to shake yourself into action and onto the road of your dreams.

Milton Katselas


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