05 October 2015

A Few Thoughts on Community

The American city should be a collection of communities where every member has a right to belong.  It should be a place where every person feels safe on his or her streets and in the house of his or her  friends.  It should be a place where each individual's dignity and self-respect is strengthened by the respect and affection of his or her neighbors.  It should be a place where each of us can find the satisfaction and warmth which comes from being a member of the community of human beings.  This is what people sought at the dawn of civilization.  It is what we seek today.     -Lyndon B. Johnson

* * * * *

We are all citizens of one world, we are all of one blood.  To hate people because they were born in another country, because they speak a different language, or because they take a different view on this subject or that, is a great folly.  Desist, I implore you, for we are all equally human. . . . Let us have but one end in view:  the welfare of humanity.     -Johann Amos Comenius

* * * * *

We are responsible for one another.  Collectively so.  The world is a joint effort.  We might say it is like a giant puzzle, and each one of us is a very important and unique part of it.  Collectively, we can unite and bring about a powerful change in the world.  By working to raise our awareness to the highest possible level of spiritual understanding, we can begin to heal ourselves, then each other and the world.     -Betty Eadie

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