24 February 2011

Being Myself

There are many people in this world who allow me to be myself.  Many of those people even encourage me to be myself, and I’m very grateful for them.  They keep me feeling good about myself, and their acceptance of who I am is very special to me.  There are others who want me to be someone other than myself–they’re the ones who expect me to act in certain ways, who expect me to react in certain ways, who want me to correspond to their ideas of who and what I should be.  While I’m not too fond of their expectations for me, I try not to let that diminish my positive feelings for them–they really don’t know what they do, for they’ve simply bought into a set of rules and expectations that have been perpetuated for years, the origins of which have been lost with time.

But I truly want to be myself.  I want to be honest to myself, with myself, and for myself.  I want to honor my wants and desires and needs, and I want to use my gifts, and to share those gifts with others.  And not only do I want to be myself, but I want to become the best version of myself that I can be–the most helpful, most honest, most encouraging self that I can create out of this wonderful self that I am.

And I don’t use the word “wonderful” lightly.  I am full of wonder–my brain works well, my body works well, my instincts work well, and all are wonders, marvels to behold and to experience.  What wonderful selves we are!  But how often do you honestly stop and admire the marvel that you are, the wonderful set of thoughts and creations and experiences that you bring to the table, wherever you are?  Do you give yourself credit for the richness that you bring with you, for the amazing being that you are?

I hope to learn to be truly myself.  There are still some obstacles in my way, mostly in the form of fears that I’ve been dealing with for years.  But each day I get closer, each day I learn more, each day I see more of the marvel that I am.  And if I were with you right now, I’d be able to see the amazing wonder that you are.  But the question is, do you recognize that same fact?  Do you see and appreciate in yourself that same things that I see and appreciate in you?

I’m working at being myself, and I truly hope–for the sake of many, many people–that you’re working at being yourself, too!  I thank you for your effort, for that effort is making the world a richer place!

Once you discover your own true self
you can find your place in everything.

Stephen C. Paul

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