06 February 2011

Free and Easy

There are many things in life that contribute to the greater good that don’t cost us a single cent to buy, and that take almost no effort at all to share with others.  These things are free and easy, yet somehow we neglect them, and we utilize them much, much less than our potential would suggest we could or should.  What are these things that are free and easy?

Encouragement.  It’s so easy to share an encouraging word with someone, and the encouragement could go a long way towards giving someone else the added energy, incentive, and motivation to continue with something that’s important in his or her life.  Why don’t we encourage more?  I’m not sure, but it’s a shame that we don’t.

Compliments.  These don’t cost us anything at all, either, but some people dish them out so conservatively that you’d think they cost a zillion dollars each.  I don’t have any idea why we don’t hear compliments all day, every day, but I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that we simply don’t think of how important they are for other people to hear.

Love.  Love is great–the more you give out, the more you have.  You never can lose it, and it won’t diminish by being shared.  Unconditional love is the best, of course, for when we share unconditional love it’s never diminished by our disappointment in the way it’s returned to us–or not returned at all.

Peace.  How do we share peace?  By being peaceful.  By not losing our cool when someone does something we don’t like, or when we lose something important to us.  By not spreading gossip or rumors when the chance arises.  By simply being.  Others pick up on our peace just as a radio picks up radio signals and converts them into sound, and our peaceful presence can contribute immeasurable calmness into stressful situations in which we find ourselves.

Hope.  Hope for the present, hope for the future.  Hope for the fulfillment of potential, hope for positive outcomes.  Hope for me, and hope for you.  Hope for better things and situations.  We share hope by being hopeful, and in sharing it we give a very important part of ourselves, all for free, and all very easily.

Free and easy–there are many more things that fall into these categories.  And do you know what they are?  Once you think of them, can you turn them into a part of your life by sharing them with others, at absolutely no cost to yourself?

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