24 November 2010

A Nice Hot Bath

I didn't take a bath today--I took a shower instead.  But I had the possibility to take a bath if I wanted to, and that got me to thinking of just what an amazing blessing a bath can be.  It's obviously a blessing to people around me because it cleans me up, but so many things have to happen for me to take a bath that it seems almost incredible that we don't spend more time appreciating things like baths.

After all, in order for me to take a bath there has to be running water in my home.  That means that pipes that run for many miles beneath the ground have to have been laid, and they have to be maintained.  We also have to have water pressure, which can come from a pump or from a water tower.  The water has to be clean and healthy, and it's amazing that it's actually drinkable when it reaches my home.

When the water's in my home, we have to have a heater to make the water hot for us.  In order for that heater to work, we have to have electricity that comes from many miles away through many wires, or gas that comes from many miles away through pipes beneath the ground, just like the water itself.  And I put the water in a tub that was made somewhere far away by people I'll never know, adding bubble bath or skin conditioners to the water so that it will be more soothing and comfortable.

All of this happens also when I take a shower, and I appreciate showers, too--even more when I keep in mind just how many people cannot take showers or baths where they live.  Baths and showers are luxurious parts of life that we take for granted, and I hope that as I grow older, I take for granted fewer and fewer of these amazing things that make my life so rich.  All I have to do is keep myself open to the wonder of what's around me, and I'll be sure to learn about more and more things that I really should be appreciating as much as I can.

Appreciation of life itself, becoming suddenly aware of the miracle
of being alive, on this planet, can turn what we call ordinary life
into a miracle. We come awake to such a realization when
we recognize our connection to a spiritual dimension.

Dan Wakefield


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