18 November 2010

Opportunity Is Everywhere

It amazes me sometimes to see how many people just allow opportunities to fly right by them without even making an effort to take advantage of them.  There are so many chances in our lives to improve ourselves or our situations that it's almost inconceivable, yet most of us stay pretty content with the status quo and never even notice opportunities that come our way, wait around a little while hoping that we'll notice them, then move on to somewhere or someone else because we've neglected them.

Not that there's always something wrong with the status quo--sometimes the way things are is very comfortable for us, and it's nice to sit back and enjoy it.  Sometimes it's better to rest and recoup our strength and sanity rather than jump at an opportunity to do something else.

But it's also important that we recognize opportunities for growth and advancement so that we can take them and learn more about life, living, and ourselves.  After all, we aren't on this planet to stagnate and stay the same all the time, are we?  We're not here to stick with the status quo and never advance as people and as spirits, are we?  Should we just find a point of comfort and stay there for the rest of our lives?  If we do that, can we really be fulfilling our purpose on this planet?  Such an approach to life simply doesn't make sense.

What opportunities are in your life right now, just waiting for you to take advantage of them?  And if they're there, then why aren't you taking advantage of them?  You have many chances to change and grow in your life, but it's always your decision whether you do so or not.  Make the decision to use those opportunities for all that they're worth, and you'll find your life growing richer and fuller as you grow more and more.  It's all in the decisions that you make concerning your opportunities.

Great opportunities come to all, but many do not know they have met them.  The only preparation to take advantage of them is simple fidelity to watch what each day brings.

Albert E. Dunning

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