13 December 2010

Another Beautiful Day

Today’s here once more.  It’s not the same today that we got to know so well yesterday, and it’s definitely not the same one that we went through the day before yesterday, but it is a new day that brings us lots of challenge and opportunity, just as those other two days did–just as every day of our lives has done so far.  What we get out of this new day is up to us, of course, and how we see this new day also is up to us.

Our perspective will determine most of our day.  The way we see the world, our lives, and the situations we’re going to face will go a long way towards determining just how this day turns out.  Will we approach it in a spiritual way, looking to develop our spirits and let them shine out so that others can take comfort in the peace that we show?  Or will we let ego take over, doing all that we do for our own self-advancement, our own gratification?  And do we see this day as a precious gift full of wonderful opportunities for working, playing, encouraging, and deepening relationships, or is this day to us an exercise in drudgery, full of obstacles and problems?

I’m glad that you got the gift of this day, too, for that means that we’re sharing this beautiful planet of ours once more.  And I hope that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you’re spreading peace and hope and love and any other positive things that you can.  When enough of us start doing that on a regular basis, then our days will start growing even more positive and joy-filled than we ever might have imagined.

Today the greens are greener, the clouds are puffier,
the things that are important are more important,
and the things that aren't have gone way down.

a man who escaped death

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