18 December 2010

Simple Love

I heard a beautiful song today, another one of those songs that I've had on my computer for well over a year, but just never really listened to.  It's by Alison Krauss, and it's called "Simple Love."  The beautiful part of the song for me is the chorus, when she sings "I want a simple love like that/Always giving never asking back/When I'm in my final hour looking back/I hope I had a simple love like that."  It's a song about her grandfather and the simple love that he gave to his family.

I don't think that I could ask for any more in my life than reaching my final hour and looking back and seeing that I had a simple love that was always giving to others.  I don't think that I could think of anything more gratifying at the end of my life than realizing that I had spent time giving love to others and not expecting anything in return.  I don't do that now--at least not nearly as much as I'd like to be able to--but I do know that I have the potential to do so.  And someday I do hope to reach a point at which I'm living such a simple love.  My life and my self will be defined by the simple love that I'm living.

I love it when I discover songs like this one.  They help me to stay focused on the positive side of life, on the things that I can pursue to make my life more fulfilling and more amazing.  When I keep lyrics like this in my mind--and it's easier for me to keep lyrics in mind than it is to keep simple words without music--then I can make decisions based on those words.  Tomorrow when I'm facing a troubling situation for example, which path would truly be showing simple love?  It frustrates me that it often takes me a long time to notice the value in such songs, but I have to figure that I'll notice it when I'm ready to notice it.

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