08 May 2011


I knew some people a while ago who wanted to do something new and different–specifically, move to a new state and attend college there.  There was a problem, though–the change scared them.  The idea of picking up and moving, of leaving behind everything they knew, kept them from fulfilling their dream for over two years.  Finally, though, they did make the leap and moved.  I saw them yesterday, and both are thriving in their new situation, doing extremely well in school and enjoying the lives that they’ve made for themselves in their new location.

I worked with a woman once whose husband was laid off after almost thirty years at his job.  They were shocked when it happened, as there weren’t too many other possibilities for work in their area for people of his age with his type of experience.  They didn’t let it get them down, though–instead, they decided to live out one of their dreams.  They sold their home and moved elsewhere, where the sun shines more and the dreary days occur very infrequently compared to where they had lived.  He found work and she opened her own business, and both ended up being quite happy in their new homes.

Change is frightening, but there are literally millions of stories of people who took the risk to change something important in their lives because they knew in their hearts that the change was best for them, and who were truly glad that they had taken the risk.  Change is one of the most important constants in life, if we allow it to be so.  So many people spend so much time fighting change, though, that it often seems like it’s something to fear, and many of us buy into that idea and avoid change at all costs.

I like to change little things in my life as much as I can.  I like to change big things, too, for every time I ever have made a big change, I’ve found great treasures in the results.  I’ve met new people and had new experiences and learned new things that I never could have learned in a previous situation, and after all, isn’t that why we’re here–to learn all we can about life and living and love and our fellow human beings?

Are there any changes that you’ve been putting off because of fear?  Not all changes are meant to happen immediately, and often it is better to wait.  But if the only reason for waiting is fear, then it’s doubtful that the waiting is going to be all that beneficial to you.  I would never tell anyone that they have to make changes in their lives, or that they should make changes, but I would encourage everyone to examine their motives for avoiding change.  And then, if the motives just don’t add up to something that’s contributing positively to your life, perhaps it is time to take the risk and make the changes that your heart is crying out for.

One must never lose time in vainly regretting the past or
in complaining against the changes which cause us discomfort,
for change is the essence of life.
Anatole France

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