13 May 2011

Cool People

I’m surrounded by really cool people.  I meet people all the time who are kind, considerate, caring, and enjoyable company.  I meet people who try hard to do their best as much as they can.  They make mistakes, of course, but don’t all of us?  I meet people who are incredibly talented, who have artwork and writings and scrapbooks and music that they’ve created that just blow me away when I see them.  There are tons of people who volunteer tons of time and ask for nothing in return, and people who give away lots of money to great causes and who don’t expect anything from anyone because of it.

There are people who let other people in their cars merge in front of them rather than cutting them off, and people who allow other people to get in line in front of them, even if they may be in a bit of a hurry.  I see people all the time who share kind words and encouragement, who take the time to help little kids with a project or a problem.  I see people donate clothes or goods to charitable organizations, and I see people cook dinners for families that may be going through medical crises or other kinds of problems.

I know people who give up their time to coach kids’ teams, not worrying a bit that they don’t get paid for it.  I know of other people who visit seniors just to keep them company, and others who work with patients in hospitals or specially challenged people in a variety of settings.

I guess my question is this:  with all these wonderful people out there doing marvelous things, just why is so much of the focus of our media and our conversations and our thoughts on the people who do the bad things?  The murderers and the criminals and the people who hurt and discourage us are outnumbered by a huge margin, yet so much of our focus in our culture is on them. . . . and why?  This tendency doesn’t help us at all, does it?

Personally, I want to keep my focus on the good people, and all that they do.  When I watch the good people do good things, it inspires me greatly, and that inspiration keeps my life brighter and lighter than it would be otherwise.  So to all you people who do such kind things and who inspire me so much. . . . Thanks!  I appreciate all that you give to the world and to me!

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