22 May 2011


Whenever I hear a cynic talk about how uncooperative people can be, I think of our highways and roads and streets.  I think of the hundreds of millions of people who are out there driving, day after day, and I think of just how cooperative the vast majority of us are.

Think about it:  besides the obvious rude and obnoxious people that we deal with on the roads as we drive, almost everyone else is extremely cooperative with other people.  We yield the right of way, we turn when we’re supposed to turn, we let other people into our lanes at extremely high speeds, we use our turn signals to let others know what we’re going to do, we stop when lights are red and go when lights are green.  This type of behavior, to me, shows human beings at our best, cooperating in very positive ways with our fellow people in order to keep the flow of traffic moving.  It’s a beautiful sight, if you think about it, one that takes place all over the world, every day.

This type of behavior shows us reaching a bit of our potential.  It shows us how we can work together to make things go well for us all.  And yes, I do realize that there are the exceptions to this rule, and we all see them, but they can’t diminish the fact that for the most part, hundreds of millions of people cooperate with each other on the roadways every day of our lives.  And that type of cooperation could change the world, if it were just channeled into other types of activities.

Human potential has no boundaries, no limits.  We limit ourselves, though, when we think limiting thoughts about ourselves and others.  If you want to see what human beings can accomplish when we put our wills and minds together to achieve a common goal, just look out on our roads to see just a hint of our potential for working together.

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