05 May 2011

A Thought or Two

You are so much more powerful than you give yourself credit for.  Even if it occurs subconsciously, you are fashioning your life to support the image of who you think you are.  If you see yourself as a helpless victim, you will attract events and scenarios to support the story of "Poor me, why does this always happen in my life?"  It happens because you create it.  The universe is simply doing its job of giving you what you say you want.  Maybe on the unconscious level, you enjoy the negative attention that being a victim brings, and if you convince the universe that you are a victim, the universe will deliver.  Isn't that a good enough reason to change your negative, self-defeating thoughts into those that exude power and possibility?  Let that victim role go, and start thinking of yourself as a magnificent, powerful, and courageous being.  Then sit back and enjoy the gifts the universe showers on you.  These new, fresh experiences will reflect your healthy, empowered vision of yourself.

Lucinda Bassett

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