19 February 2012

The Humble among Us

I truly admire humble people.  I love the way that they do what they feel is necessary, they do it well, usually excelling at it, but then don't seem at all concerned with any sort of recognition for what they've accomplished.  It's that lack of need for recognition that makes me admire them so.  They seem to be at peace with themselves, with others, and with their place in the world.  Their perspective and their humility is something that I definitely aspire to, something that I hope one day I'll be able to practice on my own.

Humility isn't about showing people how humble we are, either.  It's not about needing to hear that other people have recognized and appreciated our humility.  True humility is a true and complete recognition that absolutely nothing gets done without the help of other people, and that our contribution to the world is possible only because of the contributions that others have made to us.  I may be a pretty good teacher, but only because I've had some pretty darned good teachers myself who have taught me how to teach.  A person may be a good photographer, but who taught him or her their craft?  And what good is a photographer without subjects, be they people or nature or buildings?

I hope one day to be truly humble.  I believe that the path that I'm on has me going in that direction, but that's yet to be seen.  I do believe that goals are attainable if we set our minds on reaching them, so it seems logical that one day I will be a truly humble person, and I really look forward to that day!  How peaceful my life will be then. . . .

be humble and you will remain entire.  the sages do not display themselves,
therefore they shine.  they do not approve themselves, therefore they
are noted.  they do not praise themselves, therefore they have merit.
they do not glory in themselves, therefore they excel.


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