08 February 2012

Seize Today!

Today is all that we have!  There's no guarantee that tomorrow ever will come into our lives, and there's certainly no guarantee that our lives will extend into tomorrow, so why do we approach today so timidly?  Why do we back off and allow today to go by without exerting our will upon it in the least?  We do have a will, and we do have desires, so why do we not make our desires come true?  Why do we not try to do something special today, something new, something unique that only we can do?

Almost everyone who talks about getting the most out of today is focused on the idea that we don't know how long we'll live.  And if we don't know that, then why do we waste so many days just trying to do the same old things over and over?  If I were to find out that I'm going to die in six months, I'm sure that my life would change out of my effort.  But do you know what?  I may just die in six months even if it's not something expected, like cancer taking me.  It could be a meteorite falling from the sky or something else as ridiculous; whatever it is, though, my hope is that when I go I don't regret not having taken advantage of each day that has been given to me as an extraordinary gift, and not having left my mark on the world, no matter how small or insignificant that mark may be.

How can you seize today?  What can you do to make it special?  How can you make your mark on the world today?  You can do virtually anything you want, you know, so why not make it something special on this very special gift of a day that you've been given?

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