20 February 2012

Loving Ourselves by Debbie Ford

I believe that loving who we are is one of the most difficult yet vitally important tasks that each of us is given in this lifetime.  Loving ourselves means loving all of who we are--the brilliant and beautiful, the flawed and foolish, the selfless and self-absorbed, the courageous and fearful.  It means loving, honoring, and accepting the totality of our humanity.  It means cherishing ourselves and appreciating our individuality and our uniqueness.  When we choose self-love, we claim our greatness.  When we love ourselves, we accept ourselves as a brilliant piece of architecture that is whole unto itself rather than a project under construction that constantly needs to be fixed, changed, and rebuilt.

Loving ourselves means loving what we believe, loving where we came from, loving our quirks and handicaps.  Each of us comes into this world with particular sets of strengths and weaknesses, and since these aspects of ourselves are more than likely not going to go away, our job is to embrace them all by finding compassion and understanding for the imperfections in our human selves.

from her book The Right Questions

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