25 February 2012

What Can You Do Today?

Sometimes I ask myself what I can do today that I haven’t done for a long while.  What can I add to my life, right here and right now?  What can I decide to do to make my life a little brighter, or my self a little happier?

There are lots of things that I can do.  I can dance.  I can sing, listen to music, watch a great movie, or read a great book.  I can read an uplifting article, I can visit a museum, I can walk through a store that I like, I can visit a friend that I like to visit.  I can exercise, I can run, I can drink a glass of cold milk and have a couple cookies with it.

I can write a card to a friend, or I can have a bowl of ice cream.  I can put on a favorite episode of a favorite show, or I can sit quietly and enjoy the silence.  I can visit an uplifting website, I can take a nice long walk, I can take a nice short walk, I can clean a little, I can sit outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

I can focus on a lovely memory of a special person or special people in my life.  I can read an uplifting self-help book, I can take a nice hot bubble bath, or I can pray quietly and peacefully for as long as I wish.  I can call someone I haven’t talked to for a while, I can go for a bike ride, I can go for a drive in the country, I can take a nap.  I can read some inspiring quotations, I can write down my goals and aspirations for life, or I can write down all that I appreciate in life and about life.

There are many things that I can do to pick myself up, to make my day brighter, to get more out of the present moment.  All it takes is a decision to do something for myself, and once I make that decision, I just need to do it.  Life gives me many opportunities, and I guess it’s a bit of a shame that I take advantage of so few of them.  It’s all up to me whether I do so or not!

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