26 February 2012

Our Time

  "This very instant" is all we have.  We make plans for the future, we
invoke memories of the past, but really, all we have to deal with
and to act in is the moment at hand.  We cannot stop its going; we
cannot hurry the next moment on its way.  Like everyone else in the
world, we're partners in the dull, humdrum, dazzling, fabulous,
totally unpredictable moment.

     And if we have a time that is "our time," it's right now.  It has to be,
because there isn't any other.  Maybe we've had times in the past that
were special for us; maybe the future will hold precious moments.
But the only time that is truly "our time" is this time, where we
are, right now.  And what we do with this time is ours to decide.


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