22 March 2012

I Wish You Peace

I wish you peace--peace of mind and peace of heart that will allow you to experience life with an equanimity that others simply do not know, an inner peace that others will see and feel, and that will help them to find their own peace on their own terms.

I wish you the ability to access your peacefulness even in the most trying of situations, so that the trials of life will not overwhelm you with their complexities and complications.  May the peace within you always be a source of comfort and security, always there to help you to maintain a healthy perspective on life.  Many people go through their entire lives never looking for peace, and thus never feeling it inside of themselves, but I hope that you're able not only to search it out, but to find it and allow it to be a part of yourself.

I wish you the "peace that passes all understanding," the peace that comes from a faith in something much greater than ourselves, a God who is loving and kind and gentle.  Millions of people have come across this peace, from the monks who spend day after day in prayer to the people who have passed through the program of Alcoholics Anonymous in order to clean up their lives and stop allowing their lack of inner peace to destroy them.  A lack of peace in our lives can be one of the most destructive forces in the world, and I hope that you never feel the loss of peace in your life.

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