23 March 2012


The thing wrong with the world is that people don't have instructions.  We were told almost three hundred years ago that people would be coming to us and asking for our instructions.  We were told that back in the 1700s that there'd be a day when white people would be coming to us, asking for instructions and finding out the way we think.  Indians joke that when they see a white man coming, they see a question mark walking down the road.  That's not one of the things I laugh about.  I feel for the ones who feel lost.  I tell them to use common sense and listen.  The Creator has the answers.  A lot of people are searching for what they don't have.  They're searching for the wisdom of a whole way of life.
So they come to the Indians.  That's why I say it's in the prophecies that they are coming to us, because they are wanting to learn our way of life, what it is all about.  It's true, I get a lot of people, even college people, who want to know how to be a "Human Being."  We don't laugh at the white people, Most of the Indians can't laugh because even they haven't been brought up in the Longhouse like I have.  They've got to learn too.  Even some of the chiefs have had to learn and I don't know how much they have learned.    ~
Leon Shenandoah

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