19 March 2012

Today I Can. . . .

Encourage someone who needs encouragement–or even someone who doesn’t seem to need it.

Make a promise to a young person. . . and keep it!

Not criticize anyone for anything, but instead look for the sense that I may not understand in things that other people do.

Make myself do without something that I may want.

Make it the first day of my new diet, or exercise program, or reading program; or I can register for a course in college or at a community center.

Buy a copy of a song I’ve wanted to hear for ages, and sing along with it.

Start a book that I’ve been meaning to start reading. . . or writing.

Give thanks for the day and all the beauty and wonder that it contains–and try to see all of each that I can.

Recognize that everyone is going through their own trials and realize that I can have no idea at all of what they’re feeling–what kind of pain they’re in, or what kind of sorrow they feel.  And I can feel and show compassion for them all.

Listen to someone else without putting my two cents’ worth in.

Enjoy the day for the truly precious gift that it is, and enjoy the other people in my world for the truly precious gifts that they are, whether I see their gifts or not!

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